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Don't think

Whenever I am with you, I lose myself in your eyes.
And each time that you hold me, I forget all our goodbyes.

When I wake up in the morning, and you're not lying next to me.
I miss you so I close my eyes, and then again I see.

The reason that I fell in love, the reason which you are.
The reason no one understands, by any means so far.

Every thought I have along the day, when I don't have you near.
Gets brightened up and positive, because of you my dear.

Cause when I need my focus, you're always in between.
It makes me smile and realize, you're nothing I've ever seen.

In my head it would normally, be darker than the night.
But thanks to you, and you alone, it all now shines so bright.

I fear to say I miss you, each second since we've met.
I fear the moments we split up, and you ain't coming back.

I don't want to be a softy, I just want to be a man.
I don't wanna feel this emptiness, when I leave my house again.

In my thoughts I'm always with you, with every breath you take.
I don't think that you understand,


Ingezonden door Josh Harrigan13

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