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You told al lie

I was the most happiest girl that I know.
I did my job did my work and I’m danced in the show.
But everything changes when you told you’re jokes to everywhan.
I try to stop this thing that you almost forget.
But you don’t listen to what I say and it starts feel so bad.
But no one believes me and it was the worst feeling that I had.
But somewhere I pray, somewhere I say, somewhere I dreamed that you’re gone far away.
It doesn’t matter what you think because I blow you away.
But look at you now, you was so busy telling everywhan
because you dreamed and thought that I’m gone.
but you was so stupid to tell they you’re lie, but I say goodbye and inside you’re slowly die.
and now I’m laugh in your face because you thought that you win this race.
I was upset and don’t know what to do.
but there is one thing that I know, that I forever hate you.
But every time that I see.
I know what you did to me.
if I say the truth
yes and I do.
I hope that you lose everything that you had.
And I hope that you die for that what you said.
But look at me now, I found my friends and make a new way.
and you thought that I’m crashing down but I’m oke.
When you told you’re lies it makes me so much stronger.
That I can say, I don’t help you any longer.
and I was proud that I leave you behind me.
but why don’t you see, that you had the wrong person because now I am so angry.
But remember that I always found you’re way.
And it doesn’t matter what the people say.
And you had you’re joint for you’re own.
It doesn’t matter because I have a real home.
yes and I hate you.
forever I do.
But look at you now, you are so busy to smoke that joint.
every single day but that’s not my point.
For you is coke normal and the other pills and weed.
Thank god I’m learning because I know that you had speed.
And I can tell you that I make you’re life so bad.
Because what you told was very very sad.
But I know I’m later successful, have friends so I don’t stand alone.
And you don’t make it on your own.
I don’t know when the time passed by.
But when it comes you have to say goodbye.
I don’t understand why you are here.
you’re home is the hell so this is unfair!

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