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Why am i so fool?

Why am i so fool?

I searched so long, i waited so long,
What i wanted i never really knew for sure.
I had pleasure, i wanted that richer,
I was rich, i wanted more pleasure either.

I thought more women more chance to find,
The true happiness, still hides, am i blind!?
And i asked if is it possible, ever, that love
Asks no conditions, and never.

In my worst time i smiled, inside i cried,
You appeared once to bring again laugh.
With your energy and heart, you tried
To make me feel better, oh, i was blind.

I guess i had faith no more that someone
Can be such good and has such love for just ONE.
And i gave for your attention, that so much means,
Nothing else, just sorrow, anger and tears.

And you tried again, even more powerfull
You knew no give up, but i was the fool.
Disbelieve is built in my soul ,and deep and hard
I haven’t seen your love, not even, you lasttime cried.

Now i just wish I could make YOU laugh ever,
And i see that chance won’t come again, never.
I have love, but i never tried give, or never tried hard,
Now it passed away, and i’m the one, cried.

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