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True feelings of love

I wish I had a backstage pass, so I can meet and greet
the most astounding girl in class, so neat and sweet.
The color of your eyes: blue, grey, brown, green.
It just doesn't matter, those of you, are the prettiest I've ever seen.
So is the rest of your body too, whether you're 25 or just 16.
I'm burning with desire to be your king
'cause you're a queen full of fire and as beautiful like spring.
When rivers are flowing and flowers are growing.
In darkness you're always glowing and everybody thinks you're mind-blowing.
These are my true feelings of love.
You're like an angel from above.
I just hope that our romance will be so intense
that when we dance, our passion can break the strongest fence.
Like Donald and Daisy and thunder and lightning.
It's sounds crazy and yeah, it's quite frightening.
You're one thief who can always steal my heart.
And I believe you're always number 1 in my weekly chart.
Unlike bands like the Cure and that rapper 50 Cent.
Nothing is for sure, but we'll stay in love until the end.
If you're so hot, you can't be mean and ice cold,
who takes every shot to plunder the diamonds and gold.
I just want to kiss those honey-sweet lips,
from such a nice Miss, who isn't made out of computer chips.
In these rhymes, I design this love letter like an architect.
And all these times, I just want to say you're perfect!

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