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One big puzzle

She's still walking around,
waiting for happiness to come back one day.
She would leave if there wasn't something to stay for,
but she knows people want her to stay.

Her strength has left her at the moment,
she doesn't see the reasons for her to stay strong.
People blame her for things she can't help,
'cause they don't see she isn't wrong.

She's feeling so weak today,
but she isn't able to explain why.
Even though she felt strong those days,
now she would prefer to fly.

Life is hard at some moments,
and she knows she'll get through those days.
Holding on has become normal for her,
though she tried to find some other ways.

She knows she has to keep holding on,
and also this time she'll get through it.
Her life is like one big puzzle,
but she doesn't get the pieces to fit.

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