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Sleepless nights where I put up a fight.
A fight with the thoughts in my head.
I can’t say it out loud,
Cause it wouldn’t be fair,
No it would not be fair to you.

This feeling inside
makes me want to scream and shout.
But I couldn’t dare to do.
If you knew the truth,
You’d take me to the roof.
And scream it out loud with me.

It would brighten your days,
In so many ways.
Like all your dreams could come true.
We would look at the stars and the sky dark blue.
Without saying a word ,
Cause we don’t want to get hurt……..
It’s like we always knew.

Spread my cards on the table
So now your are able…..
To see behind the charade
of the masquerade,
when all the masks are down.
Talk without the poker face.
So magic can finally take place

That’s when you’ll get
your queen with a crown.

Ingezonden door stephanie

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