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Love is what I find

I have never thought,
that you would control my mind.
You strangled me with my feelings,
how could I have been so blind?

With a stunning voice,
you wispered sweet words in my ear.
You softly touched my body,
until I no longer could think clear.

You took all I could give you,
leaving me with only my love for you.
Then you left without a word,
vanished from my view.

And now I stand here all alone,
not knowing what to do.
Tears are running down my cheeks,
when I realize none of it was true.

How could you hurt me like that,
and play with my heart?
How could you ruin my life,
and tear my soul apart?

I want to hate you,
ban you from my mind.
But when I look inside my heart,
love is what I find.

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