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Jamaican cry

how many times
me have fe tell you
that me a love you
with all me heart
till the breath of life ceases
and the dust do us part

me can't stop the sniffing
me can't stop the shooting
of you up in my veins
I know this ain't the best way of living
but without you
me can't bare the pain

shivering in da hot summer
the days seem so cold
having aches all over
before young I'm old

so me a hunt you down
like a prey
for breakfast, lunch and dinner
to the father I pray
to hear the cry of a hopeless sinner

I reached out to my family
for the need of kindred hands
they've all abandoned me
I've become a stranger
in my own land

people see me
at the corner of the streets
yet they pass me by
wheelspin dirt pon me
making me ready to die

something you'll never do
that's the beauty of you
you're the only one
to my veins be true

whatever it takes
to be as one
no matter the hearts that brake
at the use of my gun
plundering, stealing
dead bodies found in lake

that's how deep
the love for you is now
and forever will be
until a wall is placed
between pain and destiny

until that time
keep coming to me
entering me
loving me.

Ingezonden door Shetty James

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