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Faling back

One step forward is two steps back
It feels like I'm under attack
I want to go forward but don't know how
I want to live in THE hete and now

It Seems to aan impossible task
I always have a question to aks
I need to know
Who can show

Show me what I'm doing wrong
Tel me what's going on
I don't understand why
My mind is telling me A lie

I don't understand what is going on
What am I doing wrong
When did I make A mistake
What path do I need to take

How Will I know if I'm doing it right
When can I stop This fight
When Will i go forward without a struggle
I need to stop This juggle

I need to find my way
I need to live today
Take it day by day
Keep my thoughs from drifting away

Ingezonden door Ilona brandwacht

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