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Evil, nature's test

Evil, nature's test

Twisting hearts, tearing voids into space
Goodness is gone, lost, with but a vague trace
For the cost of Lust, greed and power, we are devoured
Feeding dust, mistrust, evils seeds, this be the final hour
Scattered, enveloped, planted in minds to let the eyes see
That man is been living illusionary free

Rise to greatness, everbody's granted
Acces, into freedom instead in life of the branded
Chance is one, unity is purpose
Army of all people, fighting the global circus
Resist the whip, endure battle scars
Accept healing so it can take away the iron bars

We pass, but only if man understands the true meaning of we
To achieve we, let these words be what the eyes see
Cause the we shall conquer evil, it is the key
Then nature will accept us, letting us truly live free
This is the gamble, could end up wrong
Don't let her sing humanity a final lullaby song

Ingezonden door Mikey reyers

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