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empty hands

Empty hands

No embrace, no farewell
No kiss
You just left me without

Your cheeks are pale, your body cold
No twinkling in your eyes I found
Is that really you? Like I was told.

Your hands folded together
Two sets of keys unemployed
Locked away in a gruesome wooden box.

surely artists they were with silver and gold
that women showed of
Yearning to see and to hold

I remember the joyfull battles we chose
We filled our gloves and they punched me
Gently and careful but straight on my nose.

These restless hands done everything
gave me comfort and relief
and untied every ball of string

Truly warm they were
filled with friendship
I will miss them

empty hands look for shelter ,they fill my pocket
but cannot hide this helpless emptiness inside
the warmth of your friendship they will never feel again.

Goodbye my friend forever.

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