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Oh, how I could shout it out loud now,
Walking down in this dark hallway.
Why and how could I ever allow,
Me and myself refusing to do what I say.

Now, when strolling around in a narrow alley,
Looking for the exit most commodious.
I keep going, doing the act verbally,
Desperately searching for that what is most harmonious.

Good fortune! I can see a light somewhere near me!
Go! This is the chance I was looking for!
No! There comes a man, shattering my dreams as he,
Rushing forward fast, blocks the door!

Why?! Why does this happen over and over anew?
Like bad fortune is looking to me, always askew?

Now I feel tired, and will sleep, feeling little a bruise,
Next morning, I wake up, looking around me.
Will I get up? What is the use?
Will I stay asleep? Perhaps, I then will feel free?

Ingezonden door Vidjay Prahlad

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