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Ali's paradise

I would like to just take you random with me,
going to a field and just lay there together, lovely close.
Don’t necessary need to talk
just by looking at each other, we know enough
Having a little picnic with the old, stereotype basket
Some wine for you
some ice tea for me.
A lovely sandwich, and a lovely dessert.

Having a blanket
but not giving it
so we need to sit closer to each other to keep it warm
while we’re watching the beautiful sunset
And while the sun goes down, we really don’t need words
we just look into each other’s eyes and kiss.
We stay up all night, counting the stars.
Finally, I pull out the blanket and I wrap it around us.
There could be fireworks, but why light up some fireworks while we are the firework?

Ingezonden door Cédric Steveninck

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