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Soon i'm 5 weeks away, away from all the bad things and the whole life i live in.
I'm going to fight against my drugs addiction and this time i will win.

I've tried many times to stop using drugs and improve my life, i promissed that to many people myself and especially to my mother.
Each time i failed and i used drugs again, that is when my mother thinks i don't bother. .

My mother is very concerned that i end up the same like my biological mother, who was also an drugs addict but she past away.
I know in my heart that i beat my addiction and i can't wait untill that day.

I'm going to do my very best and do everything i can.
I try to make something of my life and never use drugs again.

My whole life i have to make choices, the choice of using drugs or not will come back many times, i have to be very careful what i do and be very strong.
And i hope i will never again choose wrong.

Ingezonden door Romy

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